Load. Aim. Fire — One EIT’s Lessons & Resolutions in 3 short months at MEST

What it takes to get to the top!

My dear girl,


I’ll compare this first stage with baking a cake. Just like with baking, we have an end goal — a beautiful vanilla birthday cake, or whatever it may be. So we have a starting point. But we just don’t wish for things and poof a cake appears! We have to work and bake. We find out what’s needed to make this cake, how long will it take, who can help, whether we have all the information needed with regards to the recipe or ingredients etc.



Most importantly, what do you when you actually get what you’ve been looking for? It’s hard to get to the top. But it’s even harder to stay there! You will need extra ingredients for this one. For your critics and evil people will say you didn’t deserve it. You see, they didn’t see your messy kitchen. They didn’t see your long treks to different markets in search for what you needed. They didn’t see the many cakes that went wrong. But many will work hard to pull you down. Sometimes you will feel like an impostor. Why me? Do I really deserve it? YES YOU DO! Own it!



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Stella Ngugi

Stella Ngugi


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